About us

The Italian Centre of Studies for Training and Upgrading in Broadcasting Journalism was founded in 1992 by RAI – Radiotelevisione italiana together with the University of Perugia.

Recognized by the Italian National Order of Journalists as an institution empowered to act in the filed of journalism education, the Centre is a non-profit organization and counts among its members the Foundation Orintia Carletti Bonucci, the Fondazione Perugia, Umbria Region, and the Municipality of Perugia.

With its School of Journalism and Broadcasting (SGRT), the Centre promotes the access of young people to the profession journalist through a two-year course.

The centre has been recognized by the Italian Ministry of Justice as “Ente Terzo Formatore” for the training of journalists and is accredited by the Umbria region as the site for higher education.

The centre also organizes training courses open to different target groups, carries on research and consulting on the issues of information and mass communication, and promotes written publications and visual products.